Valentines Reggae Bump n Grind at Logan’s

Valentines Reggae Bump n Grind at Logan’s

We love the Logan’s Reggae Patio party (aka the pardio). Dropping and dubbing 60’s tunes for a small crowd in the blazing sun is the badge of honour for the seasoned tastemaker. It feels like paying respect to the strain of creators whose influence is still felt in so much of todays productions- in all genres. It reminds us of why we play music- it may sustain us,

but you can be damn sure we do it for the L-O-V-E.

Season 4 of the infamous Reggae Patio Party is around the corner. To celebrate, some of our favourite selectors and hands down best hosts are hijacking Valentines Day. Special guest, J1 reggae recording artist Ali will be MCing and toasting with the help of our host, the pardio’s own heartbreaker, Jules_Uno. Djs Anger, Dundidit, Primitive and Surgery are gonna show mad love on Sunday Feb 14th from 9pm-12am as Singles Mingle, Lovers Rock and we all get on down!!! Prizes for Best Dressed Couple, Best Winedy Grindy Dance Competition plus a Limbo Contest so limber up and get ready to flex…….

Please visit the event page. Share it. Tell us you’re coming, hell let us know if theres a song you want to hear. We love ya. Come catch the vibes. Oh, I almost forgot. 10 bux at the door, half price for couples. So pair up and lie to us. for real.

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