Neon Steve Lets Us Know Whats Up

Neon Steve Lets Us Know Whats Up

Victoria’s Neon Steve has propelled himself into the dance music spotlight, with releases on multiple labels and 2 international tours last year alone. We caught up with Steve on tour to ask a few questions that might help us figure out how he does it. Read on, get inspired and return the favour by hitting up his Soundcloud and show some love in likes and shares- he’s dedicated himself to give away 14 tracks this year. Heres his most recent:

(photo credit- PBJ Foto)

1) You’ve enjoyed major achievements over the past few years; are you able to identify any game changing moments that propelled you forward in your career?

I’d have to say it was a series of events that have helped me get to where I am today. I have been really lucky to release on some great labels that have helped build my profile and I think playing Shambhala 2 years in a row has also helped me a lot within Canada. That festival is so amazing and the exposure you get from playing is priceless.

2) When you think about game changing moments; are you inclined to think it’s luck or do you create the situation?

I definitely think it’s a combo of both. I’m always grinding it out in the studio or chasing gigs, but I’ve undoubtedly just plain lucked out on a few things too. I’m also a firm believer in karma, so usually when an opportunity arrises that I can’t quite explain, I don’t question it, I just focus on feeling grateful and know it’s just all coming back around.

3) What kind of lifestyle choices have you made that have allowed you to break out as an artist?

I’d have to say that being a health nut has definitely helped my career. I don’t drink booze at all or use any drugs which leaves me with no excuse not to work every day of the week haha… I also went raw vegan (with the exception of eating out on the road) a couple years back and it’s seriously improved my game tenfold! I try not to push my lifestyle on anyone, but for anybody looking to improve their focus, I highly suggest giving it a shot. I used to think I had A.D.D. until I switched and realized it was what I was doing to my body that was clouding my focus.

4) You seem to give away tons of quality material. Do you see yourself doing more label releases as your status grows or is it the exposure you get from giving it away for free more valuable?

Both have their plus sides. I’ll probably keep doing both, but lean more towards the freebies. I think when artists give most of their music away it makes it easier for fans to want to support and appreciate them. It’s hard to bitch about paying cover when you get all their music for free! On the other hand, releasing with established labels can open doors for commercial deals and can also earn respect within the industry and from your peers that freebies just can’t do.

5) What are your focuses and goals for 2014?

This is the year of the hustle for me. I’ve committed myself to a new series called the “Free’on Steve” series and plan to give away 14 tracks throughout 2014. I also have a bunch of collaborations with tons of my homies that will be released through various labels in the coming months. On top of that, I’ve just started a Canadian tour, followed by Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and from there I go straight into a month long European tour. Once that is wrapped up I’ll be doing the festival circuit in Canada, heading south for some shows in the States, and closing out the year with my 2nd Australian tour.

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