Are Mp3 Files Enough to Rock a Party?

Are Mp3 Files Enough to Rock a Party?

What file type will work for my set?

We often receive questions regarding what file formats are appropriate for djs to play. We give different advice depending on the circumstances. To help us better understand the issues, we have put together a 3 part series on opinions surrounding the subject. This week, Philthy Collins, one of our Ableton Live instructors, weighs in. In the coming weeks we have heavyweights Kir Mokum and Rennie Foster to get a little deeper on the subject. Enjoy!

With so many different music file formats to choose from, which one is right for the dancefloor? I have been studying music for 6 or 7 years now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way, one of the most notable of my discoveries is the difference between MP3’s (compressed files) and Wav files (uncompressed or lossless files). From a sound quality point of view they are very different, the MP3 just a shell of what the artist originally intended for you to hear, as data compression inevitably removes data from the original file.

As a producer I believe that my work is better experienced in non compressed, lossless format. I also play other peoples music and as a DJ you should be sourcing the highest quality files in order to deliver to your audience the richest experience possible, do not settle for less, your audience will thank you in the end…….and so will the artist who produced it.
Philthy Collins

Here is a link to one of the better articles on the subject.

What data compression does to your music:

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