Mob Mentality 3 Art Show and Mob Dinner

Mob Mentality 3 Art Show and Mob Dinner

This Thursday (Jan. 21st) Logan’s pub and the infamous Good Times Crew are hosting the third instalment of Mob Mentality.  This event is sure to sell out- grab some tickets for the limited capacity dinner (7-9) if you can. Come by after 9 to check the amazing display of local art.  Some of Victoria’s finest will have their depictions of classic gangster pics on display and, of course, for sale.  Come check the scene as the artists involved are: Amber AdairJesse Ladret, Paul Fengers,Bryan J. TurnbullLiam LloydGabe StoneIan David GeorgeRobin Graves and Jules_Uno!!!

The limited capacity Mob dinner is from 7-9.  30 bucks per ticket gets you dinner and wine at a classically inspired place setting.  Spaghetti bolognese (vegan option for those who wish) is whats up,  the chefs at Logan’s don’t miss- this will be a quality meal.

After that the place is open for public viewing.  If you are just coming for the viewing there is a 3 dollar entrance fee.  There will be live accordian from Grayson Walker- just to be sure it feels like a family affair, as well as a special “Mob Hits” DJ set from the Don Selecta Jules_Uno.

Dress to impress.  Good times in effect.  Don’t sleep.


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