Logan’s Reggae Patio Party Returns!

Logan’s Reggae Patio Party Returns!

Logan’s infamous Reggae Patio Party

Returns Friday May 27th 4:20-8 pm

on the Logan’s Patio—-newly renovated for maximum reggae pressure

With your Resident Selector’s Jules_Uno and DJ Primitive and special guest DJ Dundidit.  We will also have Ali (J1 recordings, Ali and the Budz) on the mic Benny The Jet working the live Dub effects.  We’re gonna be vibing and would love to see you.

People have been asking for months about when we are bringing the partio back on line, so you better come early to get a spot.  The patio is looking better than ever, and our deejays have been digging all winter to bring the baddest roots music on the island.

This thing we do goes down every Friday from 420-8 from here till we close the first Friday of October and we have a stacked lineup all summer long.   You can expect your favourite Vic. City DJ’s to come pay homage to the roots with a few new additions as well.  Check our Facebook Page for the weekly guest and pics from the previous week and previous patio jams.  We love ya.  See you at the Partio

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