Logan’s Drink and Draw

Logan’s Drink and Draw

Every monday night Jules_Uno and Kane Adams host a creative group of individuals who descend upon Logan’s Pub, coming together for more than the regular laughs, drinks and cheers. While everyone comes for their own reasons, the reason they are all there is simply to draw and colour! 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I was invited out to Drink and Draw, especially in a bar that I often frequent more for it’s punk shows than any visual art events. Immediately upon walking in I noticed just how many people were participating; not just one or two tables or people but the entire bar was getting their art on. Tables scattered throughout the bar with people laughing, drawing, colouring or just watching – not sure what to make of what was going on. After a brief scan we noticed that most artists had formed two groups; the ones actively participating in the drawing contest and the ones who were just there to draw on their own. We naturally sat down in the contest group and got ready to compete against the other doodlebugs seated around Logan’s back stage.

The theme of the evening was Model Citizen as Karl W took to the stage to be the muse of the evening. Sporting a variety of eccentric outfits (King Sushi Master?) each participant took their turn in producing their best rendition of Karl’s particular mannerism. With three rounds and about 20 participants, there were a litany of pictures completed by the group, all of which ended up pasted around the walls of Logan’s. A scan through everyone’s entries revealed the superior artists, those with valiant attempts at being artists and everything in between. 

Initially starting out as a group of artists looking to just “draw pictures and drink beer”, the weekly has turned into so much more than that. With prizes that include bar tabs (at Logans of course), art supplies and more from sponsors like local shop Complex, there’s lots of motivation to get people out to the event. Not to mention the fun, enjoyment and good times that comes from mixing art and spirits! I know I will certainly be back to get some scribbles out. Big ups go out to Julian and Kane for putting on such a great event, Logan’s for hosting it and to all the sponsors- Logan’s, Okanogan Springs, Complex, Cavity Curiousity Shop, who have donated prizes to add to the evening!  

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