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Lion- S

It’s been a minute since we released a blog, but an opportunity to interview Lion-S came up and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to get it going again. As Stage Director of the Living Room Stage at Shambhala Music Festival and life long digger and dancer hers is a voice that we want to hear.

Lion-S has deep roots in Canadian electronic dance music. She began her life-long affair with the underground collecting records- opening a record store in Halifax in 1997. DJing became a way of expressing the love she had for the new music she was encountering. Her talent for both selection and mixing was evident, and drew her to Nelson B.C. She built the foundations for The Pride, one of Nelson’s first dance music event companies and the platform from which she would curate the music on all stages at Shambhala from 2001-2007. As stage director of The Living Room Stage (2002-Present) she plays to some of the most raucous crowds in the country and been exposed to some of the biggest and most influential acts of the dance music world. Rooted in house, never afraid to access all genres of ass shaking bass music- we are in for a treat.

Q. You got into this underground music game first as a collector, then as a DJ. A digger and selector. Is there a gig that stands out for you- Where you and the crowd wanted the same thing- where you felt like you where in the right place and the right time with the right selection to provide for them?

Yes. Actually I got into this underground music scene as a dancer initially;) It was a big passion of mine. To have the freedom to dance for hours to house music was quite amazing to me. It was through that experience that I began to collect some of my favourite house tracks in the mid 90s from Bassix Records in Vancouver. I didn’t ever think I would become a DJ. Until one day in Halifax where i owned and operated a record store…..someone walked in as i was mixing one day and asked me to dj one of their parties. I had grown quite the collection by then;)
Many years later, i’d say the gig that stands out to me the most is one of the last times I played in the Fractal Forest. It was a Sunday at 10pm or midnight…..The dj booth still held up it’s old growth tree trunk appearance and I was surrounded by all kinds of friends on the 360 degree dance floor….and it was going off. I’ll be forever grateful for the memories;) I remember playing Goldfrapp….take me round and round….and the psyhoop performers were totally in synch with the music… epic:)
Also an Ambient Morning sunrise set at El Circo at Burning man stands out as pretty epic in my memory banks;)

Q. As the stage director of The Living Room Stage at Shambhala you facilitate some unique collaborations and special sets from your artists. What are the standout musical moments that blew away your expectations?

I love the process of curating and providing artists a platform they can be showcased on.  Some of the fun memories are when I began to book a whole bunch of California based artists…..Random Rab is one of my all time faves who has performed pretty magical sets over the year…… one year I booked EditOoah, Kraddy, Ana Sia and Danny Corn all individual sets…..they played a back to back glitch hop set when that style was emerging and that’s how they named themselves the Glitch Mod.  I love how it wasn’t a planned thing then it just happened….the Glitch Mob was born.
Also more recently Sabo‘s 5.5 hour Monday morning marathon set stands out as pretty epic to me…..i was blown away that he was playing pitched down tech house along with moombhaton and had every one in a rhythmic trance for hours….so good.
Oh man there’s too may moments to share here: Mark Farina’s set was such good vibes last year! Also Dirtwire… those guys! It’s always fun to showcase 1 or 2 live bands in the LR.

Q. What sounds currently define your style- artists, era, artistic collaborations?

I am not genre specific… sets are very diverse….it all depends on what type of event and venue and set time I am playing…..That said I do gravitate towards unique textured sounds that can be of the leftfield variety…..and chiller side of things……the common elements you will hear or feel regardless of the genre is that it will have ‘good feeling’ bass with a warmth to it, organic and nature elements and sometimes with a global influence. I believe my love for travel has affected my music tastes over the years. I do get bored easily and I’m always searching for the ‘new sound’. My roots are in House music and my tastes have grown far beyond the house movement…..that said im pretty stoked to be playing a house set this Saturday with you guys at Remember Dance!

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