Free Music!

Free Music!

This was meant to be a lil Christmas gift for y’all, but we where having some technical difficulties with the blog, its worth reposting tho- free music from our crew.  Check the variety and talent.  This is what we do.  share it if ya like it support is always appreciated

Bassnectar- Lights (dj generic edit)

DJ Generic killing it on this mid-tempo rub of Bassnectar’s “Light”. You can thank our boy for your last track of the evening. Hot.

Havoc V.I.P.- Dead Air

Dirty glitch hop from Dead Air (Outsider and S.U.B.). Definitely watch these guys as they have a massive album ready to drop on Wolf/Sheep records (**The EP dropped on New Years Day- go grab it on ITunes.  Fire**)

Arcade Fire- Reflektor (Mid/Side Hustlers bootleg edit)

This ones for the deep house heads. We have the Mid/Side Hustlers (DJ Primitive and Filthy Collins) edit of this gem of an indy rock tune. Deep techy indy dance vibes on this one. Dig in y’all. Gifts- you can thank the artists by going to their shows around town.

Neverland- Oligarchs

The last three are on the hip hop tip. The Neverland beat is based on 80’s synth pop classic “West End Girls” and produced by the Oligarchs: Tux and Jules_Uno and performed by Vic City’s own Zes Nomis.

Tag Team Vs. Eurythmics- Whoomp (Tux n Anger mashup)

From Tux and DJ Anger we have a party breaks mashup that’ll come in handy in any dj’s crate.

Sunny Skies- UTI

This last tune was released in 2008, but has been making the rounds again with good reason. Produced by DJ Dundidit and performed by Raja, this one has a classic chill west coast vibe, and is backed up by a solid album as well- all available for free on Dundidits Soundcloud.

So there it is. A taste for what we do. So much more in store for 2014. All of these artists have so much more available- check the rest out on soundcloud when you follow the links.

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