The Dub Selekta hits Vinyl Supernova!

The Dub Selekta hits Vinyl Supernova!

We caught wind of Vinyl Supernova and new we had to get an article about it. We’ve been crate diggers for years, so we got the Dub Selekta, Amy Kirtay to head down there and let us in on the scene. Enjoy! –DJ Primitive

I knew I was headed in the right direction long before I knew where I was going. Adults, youth and kids at heart scurried out of the Fern wood Community Center, clutching their record shaped bags tight to their chests and chirping away about their latest scores. The Party People crew had given me the heads up about the Vinyl Supernova event and in my mind I pictured it like a Christmas Craftfair – only with records!

Sure enough, I walked into Vinyl Supernova and it was vinyl overload. The gymnasium had been transformed with tables upon tables filled with crates of vinyl;every size, shape, style and genre you could imagine. Walking around, it was a fantastic display of the variety of individuals who indulged in vinyl collection. There was representation from record shops located throughout the island, DJ’s looking to swap their current records for something fresh and even collectors who’d amassed awealth of vinyl over the ages who were looking at thinning down what they had. It was an interesting, diverse group of people that truly showcased how music, specifically in a vinyl format, transcends age, sex, race and ability.

“I started meeting people around town and found out there hadn’t been a record fair in nearly 20 years!” Ryan Wugalter lamented when I asked him how Vinyl Supernova got started. “I always through the island was full of collectors so I decided to set one [a fair] up” He continued. The first event was held in the Gary Oak Room in Fairfield and with the overwhelming response of attendees, it was quite obvious that there was enough demand to warrant a larger venue. “Looking forward, we’re looking to bring in more DJs and getting the various local niche communities involved” Wugalter continued as he talked about the plans for the forthcoming Vinyl Supernova fairs.

“I inherited a record collection growing up so I was exposed to DJ culture and as my musical tastes matured, I uncovered Hip Hop, House and EDM culture” Julien Loiselle (Jules_Uno) stated when I asked how he got into vinyl. “Then I just started digging!” as Iproceed to watch him thumb through a bag of vinyl records. Loiselle, a fixture in Victoria for his work as a DJ and connoisseur in addition to other things like Drink and Draw or the Supper Club, was one of the collectors with a table at the fair. Seeking to slim down his collection, his advice was golden; “Come with a certain amount of money to spend and sell records to make funds to buy more records.” Ashe grinned, I mentally made note to take this advice next time.

With the Vinyl Supernova on March 15th being only the second in a series of events, aficionados can look forward to fairs twice a year as Vinyl Supernova becomes a biannual event. Whether you’re a serious digger, part time enjoyer or an avid vinyl geek, watch for another Vinyl Supernova event happening this fall.

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