The Current by Murge, Just, Ish & Ash

The Current by Murge, Just, Ish & Ash

The Current by Murge, Just, Ish & Ash

One of the Capital City’s up and coming record labels, continuously pushing the talents of many local artists, Wolf-Sheep Records (led by DJ Murge) recently released The Current; showcasing some of Canada’s best and brightest.

The Current is a 12 track release that covers all the bases and speaks to the eclectic nature of the individuals involved. Collectively they are Murge, Just, Ish & Ash (drawing inspiration from Crosby, Stills & Nash’s moniker) but individually DJ Murge, Justin Brave, Ishkan and Ashleigh Eymann are all well-established musicians and artists within the community. Guest features include Cadence Weapon, Vursatyl (Lifesavas/Quannum), Madchild & Prevail, Pigeon Hole and many more. As a result, there are a variety of styles and sounds including live instrumentation, turntablism as well as singing and rapping, all coming together to round out the release.

Kicking off the album is the bass heavy, rock/rap inspired Now and When with a special appearance from Martin MacPhail before moving onto the wobbly and synthy For Today and This Moment which delves even further into looping synths coupled with beautiful vocals interlaced with engaging raps. Picture Me Rollin is exactly what you’d think; an anthem you want to play in your vehicle while you’re feeling super fly. U-Kan-B, featuring Cadence Weapon, is a catch all for sounds but filled worldly influences and a Peter Frampton esque talk box!

At the half way point, Chain Reaction brings in heavyweights Madchild and Prevail on top of a beat reminiscent of MF Doom’s Special Herbs. Freedom, takes a step into live instrumentation with a slowed down track filled with trumpets, claps and distorted vocals while Respect goes back to a beat reminiscent of funky days. Under Pressure is back to the hip hop based sounds before Firing First brings back the instrumentation with pianos and bongos leading into the soft soulful sounds of The Journey. Last but certainly not least, Pigeon Hole cranks up the intensity and finished the album with a bang as the give For Today some of their signature stylings.

All in all The Current encircles an array of sounds and speaks to the collective knowledge each individual artist has brought through their respective musical careers. The release sets the bar high for Murge, Just, Ish & Ash and one can only begin to imagine how they’ll continue to flourish together on their forthcoming works. Be sure to pick up a copy of the release through iTunes or via the Wolf-Sheep Records website.

Written by Amy Kirtay

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