Artist Spotlight- Mikhail Miller

Artist Spotlight- Mikhail Miller

Appearing in the Victoria PK Gallery windows this past week is a special treat, some fresh works from Shambhala Village stage artist, Mikhail Miller. Mikhail’s work has a solid organic foundation in street art but has expanded into the fine art world through his rich, colorful, murals and surreal, folky canvasses.

Miller’s artistic acumen was honed in the streets and refined at the Alberta College of Art and Design where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in print media studies. His works gained popularity and accolades as he developed is his immediately recognizable style. This lead him to expand into curatorial work through the Ministry of Casual Living and numerous shows in Vancouver, Victoria and Calgary.

Balancing his political and ideological influences Mikhail has remained a strong voice in street art throughout Western Canada. His connection to Mother nature, reverence of the Coast Salish territory he currently lives in, and concern with social issues  provide him an artistic lens that enables the depth and humanity that permeates his paintings. Mikhail’s murals have been a regular mainstay at outdoor galleries such as the Wildfire Bakery in Victoria and grace hidden locations from his home town of Calgary down to Central America. All over Turtle Island his distinct organic, flowing, characters and twisting, liquid psychedelic themes find themselves comfortable, whether it be legitimate exhibits or on crumbling city walls.

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Or at musical festivals such as Shambhala and Bass Coast

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