Artist Spotlight:  Matt Andres

Artist Spotlight: Matt Andres

If you missed the paintings by our homie Matt Andres (AKA: WTA) that graced the gallery windows at the front the PK shop in Victoria, please check some of these picks and links. Matt’s current offerings harken to his roots in hip hop culture. In contrast to his equally dope psychedelic styles, Matt’s chosen to bless us with an entourage of his classic chunky, rap handed b-boy characters.

With roots and repertoire honed in both traditional and digital mediums, Matt’s works speak to the raw, energetic, spirit of music and its influence on his painting style. Matt’s characters show the earmarks of a street art/graffiti foundation, with repetitive form, dynamic bold lines and  bright colours.

His growth in the fine art world has lead him to rock shows with some of our favourite brands like Wolf Sheep and EL Kartel. Keeping his musical influences and support of the local scene close, Matt’s abstract work can be found on the covers of albums by artists like Dj Murge, and Sweatshop Union, Music that no doubt feeds the soul of WTA’s b-boys and their classic up rock stances.

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