10 Reasons To Attend Bass Coast 2014

10 Reasons To Attend Bass Coast 2014

10 reasons to attend Bass Coast 2014:

With Bass Coast 2014 just a mere few days from kicking off, I figured it was time to pull together some of the Top 10 reasons to attend this year! While there are many more than 10 reasons to attend any festival, We’ve picked out the particular reasons why the festival is such a pivotal focus within our Bass Community. If you haven’t already got yourself sorted, be sure to check out the Bass Coast website and get yourself a ticket to the forthcoming festivities! (http://www.basscoast.ca/)

10 – Volunteering

If you’re one of the handful of volunteers contributing to the development of Bass Coast this year – big ups! Volunteers are an integral part of the festival and while you are contributing your time, there are many ways that the exchange of energy comes back to you. Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends and create new, lifelong friendships. Often times there’s opportunities to learn new skills or put your existing ones to work! All in all, it’s a great way to see the inner workings of the festival and I’ve always found it’s given me a new appreciation for how much time and effort is put into events of this size. Take a vacation from regular life to come and contribute to an amazing community based event!

9 – Growth and lifelong memories

Remember that one time, at band camp? Well even if you only remember a few aspects of your fabulous weekend, It’s those golden memories that stick with you for life. Last year the weather presented some interesting challenges but it also ment that I will forever remember that double rainbow that came out after a few hours or rain! I almost get goosebumps thinking about that moment.

The same will be said of your experiences. While the initial commitment ($ and time) can sometimes sway individuals, it’s totally worth it. Without knowing it, being at Bass Coast and the experiences you are a part of go on to shape you as a person and add to your individual growth. I like to take Nike’s motto and just do it; disregard anything holding you back and dive in head first! You’ll be eternally thankful that you did!

8 – Location!

Bass Coast has done an excellent job of retaining that signature BC feel with their new location in Merritt. There are rolling fields located in a pristine valley with a beautiful flowing river that runs through the property. The sunshine (or other various elements) always add to make the location an amazing time. You can sleep in amongst the trees or camp directly under the stars, a float down the river around noon is also a great way to cool off! There’s always something new and fun to explore in amongst the stages, the scattered forests or various other whereabouts.

7 – Community Involvement

Bass Coast is a festival that “walks the walk”. They are constantly giving back to the community such as through donations to small charities and organizations. This year stages are being built through reclaimed materials, which you can read more about through this interview (http://www.dubselekta.com/2014/07/bass-coast-2014-interview-with-the-bass-coast-girls-andrea-liz/) with founders Andrea and Liz. The was a series of Bass Coast warm up shows to get you primed and ready for the event in addition to bike raves and day parties. Bass Coast is community and their self-less contributions really align with their vision and direction. No big corporate sponsorships and no money grabs, just legit people doing things for the love of it!

6 – Continuous Leaning

While I briefly touched on it earlier, continuous learning is something that happens at Bass Coast both consciously and subconsciously. Not only do you have an opportunity to learn from some of the coolest and best fellow bass heads, it’s a place to be inspired! I love how I often return from festivals with a new sense of purpose whilst feeling energized from all the encounters I’ve had.

While at Bass Coast, there is plenty of opportunity for continuous development by participating in the variety of workshops that the festival hosts. Topics range from Sustainable Energy Projects to Turntablist Workshops, World Religions to Psychospiritiual Maturation or dance classes like Booty Luv or Light Twerkers! There’s something for everyone! Be sure to check out the schedule for all the info on the workshops. (http://www.basscoast.ca/schedule/)

Festivaling also gives you a chance to learn about yourself as well as it’s often the closest that many of us get to being “off the grid.” Having to live in the outdoors for 4 days can bring up some interesting challenges and it’s how we overcome those challenges that give us some insight into ourselves whilst also teaching us new skills to pass down to others who are trying it for their first time.

5 – Friends

This one may be a given but I really feel that it’s friends and comrades that make a festival experience second to none! There are some people I only get to see once a year when we convene at Bass Coast and those homecomings are always the sweetest! It truly feels like a family reunion when on site; you can’t seem to stray too far without seeing someone that deserves a hug cause you haven’t seen them in so long! And where else would you want to reconvene than in one of the most amazing locations on earth?! We truly live in paradise and being able to share my experience with some of my favourite people is just another reason why Bass Coast is a.k.a Babe Coast!

4 – The Stages

Bass Coast is unique with their stages in that they often start from the ground up with their stages each year. A different look each year, building on the experiences of the years past and constantly looking to improve, Bass Coast has four stages with an eclectic look and feel.

The Mainstage is as it sounds; the main stage where many of the headliners of the festivals play. The Slay Bay stage; one of the side stages well known for being hidden within the trees of the Bass Coast environment. Pirate Radio Stage; an additional side stage that doubles to host workshops and musical artists. And finally, the Brain; a small intimate venue known for it’s “dome-like” structure that primarly holds visual art sets, workshops and other activities of a smaller scale.

Dub Selekta spoke with Andrea and Liz about some of the changes the stages underwent this year, you can read more about what the 2014 stages will look like here! (http://www.dubselekta.com/2014/07/bass-coast-2014-interview-with-the-bass-coast-girls-andrea-liz/)

3 – Art Installations

For the second year in a row, Bass Coast offered art grants (100% funded from ticket sales) to help facilitate and develop art installations that add to the BC environment. The art installations in 2013 were a welcome addition with some being interactive and others being more visual/hands off. It’s a great incentive for those “starving artists” to help get some additional support for their great ideas. With over 100 applications for the available art grants, 2014 will likely be realizing some pretty amazing installations! Without giving away any sneak peeks, you can get some insight into the art grant selection criteria (http://www.basscoast.ca/blog/art-grant-selection-criteria/) to get an idea of what you can expect this year!


While the 2013 ZEBRA theme brought the uniqueness of every individual to the forefront, I truly can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring! While not as tangible as a theme like Zebra, MUTINY opens the doors to interpretation and allows each individual to express their mutinous spirit in a different way! Get familiar with the Mutiny manifesto and checkout the awesome video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqEGKhLO0No) that Liz has thrown together to help get you into a mutinous way of thinking!

Bass Coast is really delving into the theme this year with pirate ship inspired stages, signs that look like they were taken right off a buccaneer’s boat as well as a whole bunch of other scallywag inspired scenery that will be waiting for you this year!

1 – Music

Last but certainly not least, the music. For myself, the music is the focal point of Bass Coast. Constantly curating some of the most forward thinking styles in the electronic music world, Bass Coast’s lineup is incomparable. I could go on and on about all the amazing acts gracing the festival but there are a few suggestions I have if you’re delving in for the first time:
• Go out on a limb and try and catch an artist you’ve never seen or heard of before! Sometimes you discover something that’ll stick with you for the rest of your days or you’ll realize that you really don’t like deep house. Either way, try something new!
• Don’t forget about the locals. So often we focus on the headliners and forget to support some of our friends or less well known artists who are equally as musically amazing. Don’t forget about the Lighta! Reggae Jam or the artists that play earlier in the evening. Nothing wrong with grabbing dinner and siting down to enjoy some techno!
• Wander and be sure to check out all the stages! So often it’s easy to get stuck at one particular stage all night, I’m certainly guilty of it! Sometimes I have the best adventures simply by wandering from stage to stage and running into randoms.
• Carrying on with the last point, don’t let your friends dictate what musical acts you experience during the weekend! Don’t stay at one stage just cause all your friends are there. Grab , get a buddy and go hit a set you normally wouldn’t go and see. There’s always room for a new adventure!

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