12 Hours At Tall Tree Music Festival

12 Hours At Tall Tree Music Festival

Tall Tree Music Festival is a music festival that happens on the side of Brown’s Mountain in Port Renfrew, BC each summer. While we’d missed the festivities during the past two summers, this year we had the pleasure of heading up to attend the sixth annual event and spend a quick 12hours on Saturday taking in all the fun!

Heading up early on Saturday morning, we arrived on site around 930am and were checked in and up the mountain before 10am. The festival is located on a clear cut site on the side of Brown’s Mountain and with stages and camps set up at various levels along the festival site, there is lots of intense terrain to cover. Directly heading to the Valley Stage, we caught the beginning of PK Sound Victoria / Party People Sound Solutions Boss DJ Anger getting the stage going. The Valley Stage was a collaborative effort between Victoria’s Rockslide Gallery Crew and Party People Sound Solutions with sound reinforcement provided by none other than PK Sound.

Adorned in a red Hawaiian inspired shirt and braided beard, DJ Anger was playing a wide ranging assortment of tunes that included plenty of remixes and re-rubs of fan favourites. Playing for a full two hours, he finished his set by getting down on one knee for a proposal to his lovely lady. Popping the question with large wooden cut outs of the words “Will You Marry Me?” were spelled out behind him. As his lady joined him in from of the Valley Stage to accept his proposal, the entire audience at the Valley Stage erupted in jubilant shouts and a 30 raver strong group hug. It was a pretty amazing moment to witness.

After the group hug disbanded, and a few popped bottles of champagne to celebrate the newly engaged couple, DJ Phroh kicked off the Jungle Lunch at the Valley Stage. Founder of the Whistler Junglists crew, Phroh rinsed out a stellar set of Jungle tunes and included a few old school throw backs that resulted in the crowd breaking out in hoots and hollers. Wrapping up the Jungle Lunch was our girl homegirl Smasha going against the grain and playing all the Half Time/Dancehall inspired Jungle vibes. Always a pleasure to catch a set from Smasha, her Tall Tree set saw her exploring some of the darker and less known layers of the new Jungle styles currently coming out.

Taking a break from dancing to refuel and grab some food, we headed up the mountain to checkout the main stage area and the diverse range of food options available. Looking out at the view from the Main Stage down towards the ocean and shoreline as I munched away on nachos from the taco truck (which was my personal favourite food truck for the festival) it was a great reminder that we are incredibly lucky to not only live in such a beautiful place like BC, but that we are blessed to be able to listen to music and rave in such a beautiful location like Tall Tree.

Refueled and ready for the next adventure, we hoofed it up the mountain to catch the start of Kytami as she graced the Stump and Stone. Already packed, with pool floaties bouncing around above the crowd, we squeezed into the back and stood on (what else), a stump to get a better vantage point to catch a glimpse Kytami as she began her engaging DnB based set. Complete with Phonik Ops on turntables and Deriek Simon on the mic as the hype man, the set was a dynamic showcase of sounds that blended the organic sounds of Kytami’s violin with the electronic beats and cuts that Phonik Ops provided. Always a pleasure to see live, this Kytami set was no different and the electricity in the crowd seemed to validate my thoughts.

Most of the rest of our time at Tall Tree was spent wandering around the site and checkout out the various artwork. Often subtly placed among roadways or stages, the visual element and branding of Tall Tree is clearly evident. Much of the signage and art was produced by local powerhouse Jules_Uno who took on the task of giving the signage and art a consistent look throughout the rather large site.  From all the walk ways with their own names and signs, to the strategically placed eateries at stages (no one wants to miss the music when they’re hungry) and a magnitude of garbage/recycling bins, it seemed that no detail was missed.

While we were only on site for 12hrs, we sure felt like we got a raving workout from walking up and down the mountain to get from stage to stage. We want to send a special thank you to Tall Tree for letting us come up and check things out for a day as well as to Party People Sound Solutions for hosting our article. And big ups to all the ravers who we ran into or hung out with during our 12hrs at Tall Tree – you guys are the real MVPs

Thanks to Matt Love for his awesome photos!

-Amy Kirtay

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